It's our 4th Birthday!

Posted on 04 March 2018

It's Our 4th Birthday this week and of course we have to party! We never miss the opportunity to celebrate and our business is no exception! First, we wanted to give you the chance to get some of your own party goods, so we're offering a 30% off discount code :BIRTHYAY from now until 3/11/18. We are also giving away a huge party pack on Instagram with some of our favorite party companies!
What started as an idea in late 2013, turned into an online shop in March of 2014. Here's a bit about where we started and where we hope to go:
I, Alivia, was working as a admin for an arts college in San Francisco in 2012-2013, helping students get prepared for their first semester in school. Part of my job was to chat with prospective students to hear about their career dreams and goals to see what program would help get them there. I would ask my students if they couldn't fail, what would they do with their life? One day it finally clicked with me that I wasn't taking any steps to any of my career dreams. I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and wanted to own my own business someday. My husband and I worked out that we should move back to our home state of Oregon to save money and focus on starting my business. I've ALWAYS had a passion for party planning and celebrations so I knew I wanted to be part of that somehow. I had a few product ideas and decided I wanted to start a product based company that created products that made celebrating easy and made memories for my customer. Products that stood out (in the best way), that could be customized for a specific party, that could be used over and over again every year, and that ultimately were FUN. We started with headbands (custom and pre-made designs) , a few cake toppers, and banners. Our headbands were a huge hit (and still are our best selling product!) and we just kept adding new products from there. We've changed so much on the way and learned a lot too. We now carry a range of party and paper goods that are funny, bright, modern, playful, and always create a party-like feeling however they're used. 
In the next year we're expanding our bridal/wedding line, creating more unique party goods, and adding some more paper goods to the mix! We also are always striving to make more reusable party items that you can store and always have on hand to bring out. We will begin next year creating items that you can use for all occasions and have packaging that makes them easy to store and use again. 
We cannot thank you enough for following along and letting us be a part of your celebrations. It is not lost on us that our products get to be a part of your most cherished memories and for that we are forever grateful. 
Here's to many more parties!
Owner/Founder/Creative Party Director

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